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Pork Sekuwa, Sargemba, Aalu Nimki… Fo...

vegetable market
Dharan, one of the largest cities of Nepal, resides on the foothills in eastern Nepal. As the city lies just at transitional zone between the northern hilly districts and the southern plains, it is also somewhat a melting pot of cultural diversity of cuisines. Rai and Limbu from the nearby hilly districts are one of the major ethnicities now [...]

Stir-fried Pork and Mustard Greens (R...

stir-fried pork with rayo ko saag
The dish is inspired from a comfort food of many Nepali pork eating communities, especially Rai and Limbu, prepared by cooking fatty pork with mustard greens (Rayo ko Saag in Nepali), and use of ‘Kinema’ (traditional ethnic food of Rai and Limbu prepared by fermenting soybean) for flavoring, as in Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisines where fe [...]

Two Restaurants in Capital for Rai an...

yangben faksa
Hey, if you are wondering where to find Rai and Limbu ethnic cuisine to eat and craving for it, there are two restaurants in the capital serving varieties of delicious ethnic dishes. These ethnic foods are very peculiar- very different from what we eat everyday. Kinema curry (made from fermented soybeans), Sargemba (blood sausages with Yangbe [...]

Where to buy Yangben and Kinema in Ka...

packaged yangben and kinema
Kinema (fermented soybeans) and Yangben (wild edible lichen) peculiar ethnic ingredients of Rai and Limbu communities from which varieties of ethnic dishes are prepared. As these are not widely consumed and their culinary usage is largely limited to Rai and Limbu communities. They aren’t easily found in the market. Many people have aske [...]

Yangben-Faksa (Pork Curry with Yangbe...

rice and yangben-faksa
Yangben-faksa, a pork curry cooked with yangben (wild edible lichen), pig’s blood and spices, is a popular delicacy of Rai and Limbu communities. Yangben is one of the peculiar ingredients only consumed by these ethnic communities as food. According to the locals, availability of yangben has decreased nowadays because of pollution from vehicl [...]

Ethnic Cuisines-Delicacies of Rai and...

varities of cuisines of Rai and Limbu
Nepali cuisine is much more diverse than you think. It is more than just daal-bhaat-tarkari. Every ethnic group and community have their own or variance in food culture, traditions and way of cooking. It often differs from Himal to Terai and from Mechi to Mahakali. Even the Newar communities living in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur have some varianc [...]

Yangben-Wild Edible Lichen

Yangben (Limbu) or Jhyau (Nepali) is a particular type of edible lichen, which is grown in branches of old khechingse (chestnut) or wasama (alder) trees as parasitic species. It is hard to harvest as it grows in tall trees mostly found in sloppy areas. It is generally consumed as dry curry. It is only found in the hilly regions of eastern Nep [...]
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