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Kaguno (Foxtail Millet) Salad with Ro...

kaguno salad
Kaguno (foxtail millet) is cultivated in high-hills and mid-hills of Nepal. It is mainly cultivated in the Karnali region, and also in Kaski and Lamjung districts [1]. As more and more people have shifted to rice as staple, Kaguno has now become neglected grain, and its production is decreasing. One of the important characteristics of the gra [...]

Tomato Pickle with Radish Seeds and S...

tomato and radish seed pickle
This pickle made from uncooked tomato, radish seeds and spices is simply delicious. The hint of nutty flavor comes from roasted radish seeds, and uncooked tomatoes give fresh and crunchy texture to the pickle. Newari community is the only ethnic group I have found to use radish seeds in making pickle. My college friend introduced me to this p [...]

Simple Green Soybean Salad (Waun Musy...

green soybeans salad
Green soybeans or Edamame salad (waun musya wala) Green soybeans (edamame) are very delicious and healthy to eat. These seasonal green soybeans are rich in proteins- provide each of the essential amino acid required from the diet, high in dietary fibers, fats, minerals including iron and calcium. Each cup of raw edamame or green soybeans prov [...]

Bitter gourd Achaar (Karela ko Achaar...

bitter gourd achaar
Once you are used to bitter gourd’s bitterness, you will find tempting to eat dishes made from it. It is good for your health too. There are varieties of dishes made from bitter gourd in Nepali food culture. Fried bitter gourd and bitter gourd achaar are the most popular. Bitter gourd achaar with ground sesame and mustard seed, and roasted mu [...]

Roasted Pumpkin Seed and Tomato Achaa...

Roasted pumpkin seed and Tomato achaar
Do not throw away seeds of pumpkin. Clean, dry and store them. Roasted pumpkin seeds make delicious achaar or chutney- one of my favorite. Earlier I have posted recipes of various types achaar made from roasted tomatoes. Pumpkin seeds are good source of protein and various minerals such as manganese, phosphorous, magnesium, copper, zinc and i [...]

Kinema ra Golbheda ko Achaar (Kinema ...

Kinema is a traditional cuisine of Limbu community, which is basically fermented soybeans. Although it smells very stinky but has very delicious flavor. Earlier I have shared the recipe of Kinema ko Jhol/Curry. Today I have tried to make Kinema and Tomato Pickle. This is easy to make, and doesn’t really require much spices as it has its own d [...]

Avocado Salad

Avocado is relatively a new type of fruit to Nepali. I don’t think we have long culture of growing and consuming avocado in Nepal. However it is becoming increasingly popular (not hard to find), largely because of its nutritious values. It is commonly called as “Ghiufal” or “Naunifal” in Nepali, which translates to Ghee or Butter Fruit as tex [...]

Golbheda ko Achaar (Tomato Chutney)

There is no other achaar/chutney better than freshly made Golbheda ko achaar (Tomato chutney). It is the favorite of Nepalis, and generally eaten as a side dish with daal bhat tarkari (rice, lentil, curry) or roti (bread). It enhances flavor of whole meal, and increases appetite. It is consumed by all ethnic communities in Nepal. Small cherry [...]

Gadeko Kankro ko Achaar/Khalpi (Pickl...

pickled cucumber
Festive season has begun. During Dashain and Tihar, Gadeko Kankro ko Achaar (Pickled cucumber), also known as Khalpi, is one of the most have dish, and has become part of our festive food culture. The pickle is made from local variety of cucumber called Bhadaure Kankro, which has thick brown rustic skin when fully ripe. It is harvested in the [...]

Dalle Khursani ko Achaar (Pickled Rou...

Dalle achaar
Dalle Khursani (round chili) is one of the hottest chilies found in the world. It is also commonly called Akbare khursani. There is another variety super hot chili commonly found in Nepal called Jeere Khursani, a very tiny chili but has extreme heat, which name derives from its size similar to cumin (Jeera). Dalle khursani is almost round che [...]
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