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Maghe Sakranti: Ghee, Chaku, Ginger a...

tarul ghee chaku
Maghe Sakranti or Makar Sakranti is the first day of the month Magh of Bikram Sambat Calendar. In Tharu and Maithali communities, the day is known as Maghi and celebrated as New Year. In Newar communities, it is known as Ghya Chaku Sanhlu named after the foods eaten during the day ghee and hardened molasses. Every communities and ethnic group [...]

Eat in Boudha II- Tibetan and Sherpa ...

There is another reason to visit Boudha beside Sherpa and Tibetan foods. Boudha Stupa destroyed during 2015 earthquake has been fully restored now, and it looks better than ever. In the earlier article, Eat in Boudha- Tibetan and Sherpa Cuisine, I have listed some of the Sherpa and Tibetan foods and places to eat that you shouldn’t miss [...]

Places to Eat Yomari in Kathmandu

Yomari is typical Newari festival delicacy eaten during the one-day Yomari Punhi festival. Generally people only make yomari in the home during that specific day. Unlike other Newari delicacies, it is also hard to find in restaurants and eateries.  There are only handful of restaurants in Kathmandu Valley selling yomari almost all year round. [...]

Tomato Pickle with Radish Seeds and S...

tomato and radish seed pickle
This pickle made from uncooked tomato, radish seeds and spices is simply delicious. The hint of nutty flavor comes from roasted radish seeds, and uncooked tomatoes give fresh and crunchy texture to the pickle. Newari community is the only ethnic group I have found to use radish seeds in making pickle. My college friend introduced me to this p [...]

Delicious Thakali Daal- Easy Recipe

thakali daal
Nothing can beat the delicious sumptuous flavor of Thakali Khana. Daal is the major highlight of the dish. The secret of its rich flavor, creamy texture, peculiar greenish color and unique aroma lies in the way it is cooked and ingredients used for cooking. Delicious Thakali style Mustang simi (beans) daal with ghee, wild Himalayan herb (jimb [...]

Hans ko Choila- A Traditional Newari ...

newari set with duck meat choila
Choila is a traditional authentic food and center to the Newari food culture. It is a must have dish in almost any Newari festivals and celebrations, and also offered to gods. It is barbecued meat (generally of buffalo’s meat) and spiced up with various spices, garlic chives and roasted mustard oil. While there is a tradition of eating buff c [...]

10 Best Nepali Foods You Have to Try ...

Kathmandu is more than just getaway to Himalayas and city full of temples. It also has surprisingly rich and unique food culture representing the diverse ethnicity and culture of Nepal. Originally inhabited by Newari people, Kathmandu offers a rich food culture of Newari communities, as well as foods from various regions and ethnic communitie [...]

3 Popular Nepali Foods Originally fro...

I recently traveled around China for almost three weeks, and got to know more about Chinese cuisines. Although Chinese food culture is very different from ours, there are also some similarities such as use of Timur (Sichuan pepper) for flavoring. We have made some of the cuisines originally from China our own with local ingredients and spices [...]

Simple Kwaati Soup with Ajwain-Ghee T...

Kwaati beans
Kwaati is hearty, nutritious and colorful sprout beans soup prepared from nine different types of beans and lentils. It is eaten during the Janaipurnima festival, especially very popular in Kathmandu Valley. Here is a simple easy Kwaati soup recipe with ghee and ajwain tempering. Ajwain, which is called Jwano in Nepali, gives special pungent [...]

Sherpa Foods: Where to Eat in Kathman...

Sherpas are renowned worldwide for their mountaineering skills, but their food culture is little known to the world and even in Nepal. Sherpa, an ethnic indigenous communities living in mountainous Himalayan regions of Nepal, is believed to be migrated from Tibetan region crossing the Himalayan pass. Sherpa in Tibetan language means ‘Eastern [...]
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