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Ghinti-Dhopra Daal: Thakali Cuisine

ghinti dhopra soup
Probably all of us know and love Thakali Khana (Daal Bhat Tarkari), but many of us are unaware about other Thakali cuisines and delicacies. Buckwheat, wheat, millet, barley, varieties of beans, seasonal green vegetables, potatoes, meat, milk-based products as well as rice, maize, lentils were the key traditional food items grown and consumed [...]

Stir-fried Pork and Mustard Greens (R...

stir-fried pork with rayo ko saag
The dish is inspired from a comfort food of many Nepali pork eating communities, especially Rai and Limbu, prepared by cooking fatty pork with mustard greens (Rayo ko Saag in Nepali), and use of ‘Kinema’ (traditional ethnic food of Rai and Limbu prepared by fermenting soybean) for flavoring, as in Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisines where fe [...]

Hans ko Choila- A Traditional Newari ...

newari set with duck meat choila
Choila is a traditional authentic food and center to the Newari food culture. It is a must have dish in almost any Newari festivals and celebrations, and also offered to gods. It is barbecued meat (generally of buffalo’s meat) and spiced up with various spices, garlic chives and roasted mustard oil. While there is a tradition of eating buff c [...]

Making of Yangben Faksa – Nepal...

Making of  yangben faksa
Yangben-faksa, a pork curry (meat from local pig or ‘Sungur‘) cooked with yangben (wild edible lichen), pig’s blood and spices, is a popular ethnic delicacy of Rai and Limbu communities. Yangben is one of the peculiar ingredients only consumed by these ethnic communities as food. Fak-sa means local pig (sungur)’s meat in Lim [...]

Yangben-Faksa (Pork Curry with Yangbe...

rice and yangben-faksa
Yangben-faksa, a pork curry cooked with yangben (wild edible lichen), pig’s blood and spices, is a popular delicacy of Rai and Limbu communities. Yangben is one of the peculiar ingredients only consumed by these ethnic communities as food. According to the locals, availability of yangben has decreased nowadays because of pollution from vehicl [...]

Best Local Eateries in Malekhu (Serve...

Local fried fish from Trishuli river
Malekhu (around 3 hrs drive from Kathmandu) is renowned for its fish, but do not believe that the restaurants/eateries there sell or serve dishes of local fish from Trishuli river. Fishes are generally sourced from Janakpur or southern plains, and sold as Trishuli river fish. Two eateries which claim and I believe to only serve fish from the [...]

आलो ट्राउट माछाको झोल (Trout Curry-S...

आलो ट्राउट माछाको झोल  (Trout curry-soup)
Rainbow trout has already become part of our food culture. After the breeding of trout was started in Nepal in the 1990s, the farming of trout has taken off on a wider scale. It is now being farmed in hills and mountains of Nepal, especially in Nuwakot, Rasuwa, Kathmandu, Sindhupalchowk and Kaski districts. It’s nutrition and health benefits [...]

Thenthuk- Typical Himalayan Tibetan N...

Thenthuk- Himalayan Tibetan noodle soup
Thenthuk, locally called as Shyakpa in Sherpa language, is a typical Himalayan Tibetan noodle soup enjoyed by Sherpa, Tamang, and Tibetan communities from upper regions of Nepal. It is eaten during the cold winter days to keep warm. The noodle soup is generally made from winter vegetables, lamb or yak meat and homemade noodle. Thenthuk is der [...]

Sargemba (Blood Sausage)- Ethnic Limb...

Blood sausage is a traditional ethnic food of few communities living in mountains of Nepal. Many Nepalis are not aware of this traditional ethnic cuisine. Sherpa living in upper regions generally make blood sausage from yak or sheep blood, and Limbu and Rai from lower regions makes from pig blood. In Tibetan language, it is called “gyurma”, a [...]

4 Soups Recipe for this Monsoon

Aalu bodi tama ko jhol
Here are the recipes of warm soups for this cold rainy days: Aalu Tama Aalu bodi tama ko jhol Get a recipe here  Khasi ra Kwaati ko Jhol Khasi ra Kwaati ko jhol (mutton and mixed beans and lentils soup) Get a recipe here Gundruk ko Jhol Gundruk ko jhol (soup) Get a recipe here Gahat ko Jhol Gahat lentil soup Get a recipe here Related Recipes [...]
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