Best Thakali Restaurants in Kathmandu

In recent years, Thakali Khana is becoming popular in Kathmandu, and many Thakali restaurants are mushrooming in the city. If you are wondering where to go, here is the list of best restaurants serving delicious authentic Thakali taste. One easy way to find whether the Thakali Khana they serve is authentic or not is by checking the daal, which is central to the flavor of the whole dish. Daal must be prepared either from black lentils or locally grown beans from Mustang, and with ghee-jimbu tempering  (jhanne). Instead of rice, you may also like to try buckwheat dhido (porridge-like) in Thakali Khana set. Also try other varieties of Thakali cuisines such as Kanchemba (buckwheat fries), Mustang ko Aalu (fried potato from Mustang), Sukuti (dried meat) etc. in these restaurants.

Nilgiri Thakali Delights, Tangal (Rating: 9.5/10)

Operated by renowned chef Shambhu Basnet, which has over 15 years of experience in Thakali cuisine, Nilgiri Thakali Delights is the highly recommended place to go for Thakali Khana set. It has the best Daal that I have ever tasted- perfectly balanced, thick, creamy and flavorful. The restaurant is totally dedicated for Thakali cuisines with varieties of traditional Thakali foods that you have probably never heard or tried before. It is comparatively little pricier than other regular Thakali restaurant though, but worth it.

Map here | Facebook page 

Thakali Khana at Nilgiri Thakali Delights

Thakali Khana at Nilgiri Thakali Delights

Nilgiri Thakali Delights

Nilgiri Thakali Delights

Menu at Nilgiri Thakali Delights

Thakali Menu at Nilgiri Thakali Delights

chef Shambhu Thapa

Chef Shambhu Basnet was kind enough to explain me about the diverse Thakali cuisines

Thakali Bhanchha Ghar, Thamel (Rating: 8.5/10)

Always packed with hungry Thakali Khana lovers as well as tourists, this place serves delicious Thakali Khana set at a very reasonable price. Located at the touristy Thamel area, I often take my foreign friends to introduce the taste of Nepali cuisine and what we Nepalis love to eat every day.

Map here

Thakali Khana at Thakali Bhanchha Ghar

Thakali Khana with buckwheat dhido at Thakali Bhanchha Ghar

Jimbu Thakali Capital Grill and Panya, Tangal (Rating: 9/10)

Located just in front of the Nilgiri Thakali Delights, it has become one of my other favorite Thakali restaurants in town. It has given a careful attention to each item served in the Thakali Khana set. Apart from Thakali Khana, try their crispy delicious Kanchemba-loved it.

Map here | Facebook page 

Thakali Khana at Jimbu Thakali

Thakali Khana at Jimbu Thakali

Kanchemba at Jimbu Thakali

Kanchemba at Jimbu Thakali

Thakali Ghar Aaagan, Bansbari (Rating: 8/10)

Well decorated to give the ambience of Thakali home or kitchen, this is the other place I have recently visited and found to serve decent Thakali cuisines. I am not sure if there is a culture of eating fried chhurpi (traditional hard cheese) in Thakali community, but the restaurant has a menu of fried chhurpi– it seems quite unusual but liked it. They also have a small store selling local products from Mustang such as jimbu, daal, buckwheat flour etc.

Map here | Facebook page | Webpage

thakali ghar aagan

Thakali khana set at Thakali Ghar Aaagan

fried chhurpi

Fried chhurpi (hard cheese)

store at Thakali ghar aagan

Local Mustang products store at the restaurant

If you have any recommendations for the best Thakali Khana experience in Kathmandu, please suggest on the comment box below. Thank you!

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  1. Diwash Pradhan's Gravatar Diwash Pradhan
    July 10, 2017    

    You should check the Thalali food at Jhamsikhel too !!

    • Prashanta's Gravatar Prashanta
      July 18, 2017    

      Thanks Diwash!

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