Nepali Muslim Food in Kathmandu

The entry of Muslim in Kathmandu Valley is dated back to 15th century during the Malla era. The Muslim in Kathmandu Valley is said to come from three regions: Kashmir, North India and Tibet, on different time period. Migrated Muslims have assimilated themselves in Newari culture and lived in harmony with Newar communities. The harmony is also reflected in the action of Malla kings- allowed and granted land to build Kashmiri Takia shrine and Jame Masjid in Kathmandu.

As they came in, they also brought their own food culture. I have always loved their food. When I was is school I had a close childhood Muslim friend. We used to share our tiffin and preferred their food over mine packed by my mother. The foods were spicier and had more complex flavor than we are used to.

In Kathmandu, there is small community of Newar Muslim in the Northernmost part of Thamel, which is known as Thamel Muslim Tole, and located adjacent to Ga:Hiti. There are around 11-12 houses that belong to Newar Muslims, and they speak Newari language fluently. When I visited there recently for the food, they happened to be vibrant in the evening because of Ramadan. The restaurants were selling foods to people who were fasting all day. It is a place to visit- you can buy halal food and try authentic Muslim cusisines. There are two restaurants serving Muslim cuisines: Bishmillah Restaurant (Mobile: 9721545477) and Asma Biryani Center (Mobile: 9803217416). The assimilation of their food culture to local is also reflected in the use of Buff instead of Beef. We are lucky and proud to have such a diverse food culture in our communities.

muslim tole thamel

Small community of Newar Muslim in Thamel, Kathmandu

monk visits for muslim food

A monk visits a Muslim restaurant in Thamel Muslim Tole

Muslim food menu at Bishmillah Restaurant in Thamel Muslim Tole- assimilates to local food culture by adopting buff

Muslim food menu at Bishmillah Restaurant in Thamel Muslim Tole- assimilates to local food culture by adopting buff

naam and butter chicken curry

Naan roti with butter chicken masala curry

buff shami kebab

Buff shami kebab- a small patty made from finely minced buff meat, chickpeas flour and spices, and served with coriander chutney

mutton biryani

Mutton biryani. According to owner of Asma Biryani Center, it will take around 5-7 hours to make biryani.


Freshly prepared Lachcha- a delicacy eaten during ramadan or after fasting with warm milk, nuts/raisins and sugar

buff stew

Buff stew

Fried chicken

Fried chicken

sheermal roti

Sheermal roti- saffron-flavored traditional flatbread and is mildly sweet


Making of Jeri/Jalebi- popular deep-fried sweets

rumali roti

Rumali roti (literally means handkerchief bread because of its thinness)

naan roti

Naan roti

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  1. AZHAR's Gravatar AZHAR
    June 25, 2016    

    Thankyou very much..Glad to hear the are muslim small restaurents in kathmandu.. I’m planning to kathmandu this coming December..and most probably staying in one of the hotel in Thamel.

    • Prashanta's Gravatar Prashanta
      June 25, 2016    

      Thank you. I hope you will enjoy your stay in Nepal!

  2. Erma's Gravatar Erma
    October 19, 2017    

    It’s good to know that, I plan to visit Nepal next month and I know where to get halal food. Thank you for the info…

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