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3 Popular Nepali Foods Originally fro...

I recently traveled around China for almost three weeks, and got to know more about Chinese cuisines. Although Chinese food culture is very different from ours, there are also some similarities such as use of Timur (Sichuan pepper) for flavoring. We have made some of the cuisines originally from China our own with local ingredients and spices [...]

Sherpa Foods: Where to Eat in Kathman...

Sherpas are renowned worldwide for their mountaineering skills, but their food culture is little known to the world and even in Nepal. Sherpa, an ethnic indigenous communities living in mountainous Himalayan regions of Nepal, is believed to be migrated from Tibetan region crossing the Himalayan pass. Sherpa in Tibetan language means ‘Eastern [...]

Eat in Boudha- Tibetan and Sherpa Cui...

Boudha has bit different ambience than other parts of Kathmandu Valley. Largely settled by Tibetan and Sherpa-mountainous communities of Nepal, the ambience of Boudha largely reflects their culture, traditions and religion. The place is a peaceful hideout from the chaotic noisy traffic of Kathmandu Valley. It’s pleasant to see people passing [...]
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