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Four Easy Homemade Summer Drinks Reci...

Iced mint tea
Here are the quick and easy recipes of homemade drinks for this summer. Try this at home; it’s really simple and quick. It’s refreshing and healthy. Avoid unhealthy sugary soda drinks (coke, fanta…) and un-real fruit juices. Mint Lemonade Mint lemonade Ingredients 1 Lemon/Lime A handful of Mint 1 tbs Caster sugar Black salt Ice cubes Cold wat [...]

How to Roast Green Coffee Beans at Ho...

Roasted coffee beans (Dark golden brown)
I am not a coffee expert but trust me, you don’t really need expensive coffee roaster and coffee maker to make a good cup of coffee at home. Roasting green coffee beans simply requires heat. You can roast your green beans at home… you just have to make sure that the beans are evenly roasted. If you love coffee, roasting your own green b [...]
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