Best Nepali Fish Dishes in Pokhara- Duna Tapari Restaurant

I had always been searching a good place for fish dishes cooked with Nepali spices and traditions until I found this ‘DunaTapari Restaurant’ in Pame, Pokhara (map here). I never had such good fish dishes in Nepal before. Pame, which is located at the head of Fewa Lake, is popular with fish and duck dishes since ages. The restaurant was established some 15 years ago and serves varieties of dishes prepared from fishes sourced locally from the Fewa lake. When asked about the secret of making good fish dishes, the owner of the restaurant suggested using best fresh fish available and balanced spices. “We often tend to put lots and varieties of unnecessary spices trying to make fish dishes tasty but often they overpower delicate flavor of the fish, and the secret is to use less and fewer spices simply garlic, ginger, turmeric, lemon, salt etc.”, he said. The idea of opening a restaurant came from his passion to promote Nepali cuisines and experience of working as a chef in top hotel in Pokhara. Apart from varieties of fish dishes, they also serve buckwheat pancake (phapar ko roti), mutton gravy curry, duck choila, local chicken curry, sekuwa etc.

Plus an ambience of traditional house and sitting arrangement overlooking the beautiful Fewa lake, this is a must place go when you are in Pokhara. Just take a bicycle from lakeside, it is few kilometers of nice ride along the lakefront.

Nepali fish dishes at DunaTapari, Pokhara

Varieties of fish dishes, buckwheat pancake, beaten rice, rice at DunaTapari restaurant, Pokhara (Pic: Khashing Rai)

small fried fish

Bhitte Tareko- small crispy deep-fried fish

barbequed fish

Poleko Machha- barbequed fish over thick cast-iron pan

deep fried fish

Maccha Tareko- deep-fried fish

fish curry

Machha ko Jhol- fish curry (Pic: Khashing Rai)

Fewa lake fish head soup

Machha ko Suruwa- Fish head soup (Pic: Khashing Rai)

buckwheat pancake

Making of buckwheat pancake (phapar ko roti) (Pic: Khashing Rai)

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