Where and What to Eat in Bhairahawa?

If you ask anyone about the best food to eat in Bhairahawa, Peda from Pawan Misthan Bhandar is the one highly recommended. The city being closer to India and communities across the border have strong cultural and trade ties, the food is largely influenced by what we call Indian food. Pawan Misthan Bhandar is the popular restaurant that serves various sweets including their iconic popular Peda and other varieties of Indian vegetarian cuisines. The prices are very reasonable. You can see people waiting in the line to buy kgs of sweets – often as gift for friends and families.

I spent half a day in Bhairahawa while returning from Lumbini- birthplace of Gautam Buddha. Here are some of the foods that I had in the restaurant, and also brought few kgs of sweets back home!

Pawan Misthan Bhandar

Pawan Misthan Bhandar- an iconic and popular restaurant in Bhairahawa famous for Peda

sweets pawan misthan bhandar

Varieties of sweets

menu and price at pawan misthan bhandar

Menu and prices of sweets and other vegetarian dishes they serve

peda at pawan misthan bhandar

Peda- the most popular and iconic food prepared from milk and sugar

laddu at pawan misthan bhandar

Laddu- simply delicious, another recommended sweets


dahi bada pawan misthan bhandar

Dahi Bada- loved this dish, made from black lentils and served with sweet creamy yoghurt and balanced with chat masala and chili powder

samosa chat pawan misthan bhandar

Samosa Chat- it was good but I have had better than this

Address/Contact: Milan Chowk, Bhairahawa (Siddharthanagar)- map here; Ph: 071-520680


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