Pork Sekuwa, Sargemba, Aalu Nimki… Food to Eat and Buy in Dharan

Dharan, one of the largest cities of Nepal, resides on the foothills in eastern Nepal. As the city lies just at transitional zone between the northern hilly districts and the southern plains, it is also somewhat a melting pot of cultural diversity of cuisines. Rai and Limbu from the nearby hilly districts are one of the major ethnicities now residing in the city, which also now means that the city is a go-place for Rai and Limbu cuisines. Seasonal vegetables-some foraged from wild, local beans and lentils, oily edible seeds, spices etc. including yangben from the northern hilly districts, which are widely used in Rai and Limbu cuisines, are readily available in the local market (Tarkari Line). Bagarkot in the eastern fringe of city is a popular place for Dharane Kalo Bungur ko Sekuwa and other various ethnic Rai and Limbu cuisines.

Next time you travel to Dharan, make sure you try these foods!

sargemba dharan

Sargemba, pork blood sausage of Rai and Limbu ethnic communities, is one of my favorite @Yangtaru Sekuwa Corner, Bagarkot, Dharan

boiling sargemba

Sargemba is boiled first then fried

pork sekuwa

Dharane Kalo Bangur ko Sekuwa (barbecued pork) @Yangtaru Sekuwa Corner

yangtaru sekuwa corner

Yangtaru Sekuwa Corner, Bagarkot, Dharan- they have really clean and delicious sargemba

making pork sekuwa

Owner of Yangtaru Sekuwa Corner making pork sekuwa

pork sekuwa

Making pork sekuwa… oh the smell and the taste

bbq pork ear, tongue

Barbecued pork ear, tongue, cheek muscle etc.

Pork Dameko (Pan-seared pork)

Pork Dameko (Pan-seared pork)

aalu nimki

Dharan’s one of the most famous street foods-spicy, tangy crispy snack made from boiled potatoes, nimki (fried crisps), tomato sauce and spices- probably adapted from southern chanachatpat but made it their own (Photo courtesy: Sabal Shrestha)

vegetable market

Various local produces from nearby hilly districts can be found in the vegetable market (Tarkari line) in Dharan

yangben lichen

Yangben, wild edible lichen, consumed by Rai and Limbu communities


Sibligaan- wild edible greens with bitter taste and high in antioxidant


Filinge or Jhuse Teel (Niger seed)-edible oily seeds used for making achaar, chhop… Surprised that it is easily available in Dharan’s vegetable market (hard to find these nowadays in Kathmandu and other regions)

nettle leaves

Dried young nettle leaves (sisnu ko saag) and flowers

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