Mula ko Thepe Achaar (Smashed radish pickle-salad)

Mula ko Achaar is very popular Nepali cuisine, and essential part of the Nepali food culture. There are various varieties, and ways to make the Mula ko Achaar, from freshly made salad, cooked pickle to fermented one. This Mula ko Thepe Achaar (smashed radish pickle-salad) is very simple to make… it’s simply smashing radish with some spices in Silauto (Mortar and Pestle). This is fresh and simple, and its flavor makes your mouth drool. You can eat this as starter or a side dish with Roti and Nepali Khana set (dal-bhaat-tarkari).

Fresh radish in market

Fresh radish in market

Here is my version Mula ko Thepe Achaar.


1 medium size Radish
2 medim size Tomatoes (or better few cherry tomatoes)
1 small Onion
2 Green Chilies
½ tsp of Cumin seed
½  tsp  of Szechuan pepper (Timur)
A pinch of Turmeric powder
1 clove of Garlic
1 tbs of Roasted Mustard oil


Wash the radish properly with clean water. (Note: Do not peel of the skin- that’s where all the sharp pungent peppery flavors are, including crisp crunchy texture)

Cut the radish into large chunky wedges.

Radish cut into wedges

Radish cut into wedges

In a small pan, roast the cumin seed and Szechuan pepper until they start to release the aromatic smoke.

Transfer them into the mortar (or Silouto), add salt (according to your taste) and turmeric powder and grind them together using pestle. Add green chilies and garlic, and grind them.

Spices for Achaar (salt, roasted cumin seed and szechuan pepper, turmeric, chilies)

Spices for Achaar (salt, roasted cumin seed and szechuan pepper, turmeric, chilies)

Put the radish wedges and smash them using pestle until they shreds as shown in the picture below. Cut the tomato into four wedges and slice the onion. Add tomato wedges and onion in the mortar and gently smash together.

Smashed radish wedges with spices

Smashed radish wedges with spices

Squeeze half a lemon juice and add a tbs of roasted mustard oil. Mix them together using spoon and sprinkle some coriander leaves before serving.

Mula ko Thepe Achaar

Mula ko Thepe Achaar


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  1. October 31, 2017    

    Looks delicious .will have to try.

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