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Making Baji or Chiura (Beaten Rice) i...

Baji (in Newari) or Chiura (in Nepali) or Beaten Rice holds special place in Newari food culture. It is not just eaten but also offered to gods. One can’t think of any Newari festivals and celebrations without Baji. Traditionally, it is prepared by steaming newly harvested rice grains, then roasting and beating using large wooden made tools l [...]

Making of Yangben Faksa – Nepal...

Yangben-faksa, a pork curry (meat from local pig or ‘Sungur‘) cooked with yangben (wild edible lichen), pig’s blood and spices, is a popular ethnic delicacy of Rai and Limbu communities. Yangben is one of the peculiar ingredients only consumed by these ethnic communities as food. Fak-sa means local pig (sungur)’s meat in Lim [...]

Nepali Masterchef Pemba Lama in Curry...

Ex-Gurkha soldier, Pemba Lama, an acclaimed masterchef and author of ‘The Ultimate Nepalese Cookbook’ with actress, food writer and television chef Madhur Jaffrey in ‘Curry Nation’ cooking Sherpa/Nepali cuisines. He has certainly taken Nepali cuisine to different height. Related Recipes [...]

How to Roast Green Coffee Beans at Ho...

Roasted coffee beans (Dark golden brown)
I am not a coffee expert but trust me, you don’t really need expensive coffee roaster and coffee maker to make a good cup of coffee at home. Roasting green coffee beans simply requires heat. You can roast your green beans at home… you just have to make sure that the beans are evenly roasted. If you love coffee, roasting your own green b [...]

Yomari Ya Bakhan (The Story of Yomari...

If you know the story behind yomari, it tastes good. This short documentary on yomari explores the food culture celebrating yomari punhi. The documentary is produced by Suneeta Tuladhar for imPACT! Productions and directed by Rajni Shrestha & Alok Tuladhar. The Story of Yomari from Alok Tuladhar on Vimeo. Related Recipes [...]

How to wrap Momo?

momo pachali bhairav restro
Momo is the most popular food in Nepal, especially in urban areas. Wrapping momo seems easy, but it requires bit of practice and technique. There are various ways to fold momo wrap. Here are the two  popular ways. This video was taken in Pachali Bhairav Restaurant, New Baneshwar. They serve tasty vegetable, chicken and buff momo with jhol ach [...]
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