Bhakka- Eastern Tharu Delicacy

Bhakka, simple fluffy rice flour steamed cake, is a traditional delicacy of Tharu community living in eastern plains of Nepal especially of Rajbansi community. It is typically eaten as breakfast or as a snack with freshly prepared tomato pickle. Although it looks very simple, the process of making it amazingly soft and fluffy is very creative. The one prepared with freshly harvested rice flour has some sweetness. If you happen to visit Biratnagar or other cities and towns in eastern plains, you are likely to see women steaming and selling bhakka early morning in the chowks. It has become popular street breakfast!

The rice flour prepared from milling soaked rice is first sprinkled with some water to make lightly moist and then massaged with palms to form moist sand like texture. It is then sieved through the sieve, which helps in forming small round sand-size grits. It is then lightly compacted in a small bowl and then steamed. Traditionally clay pot with the narrow opening is used for steaming. The opening is covered by muslin cloth where the rice cake is placed and steamed with lid-on.

steamed rice cake

A woman steaming bhakka during Maghi festival in Kathmandu

Steaming bhakka

Steaming bhakka

sieving rice flour

Sieving moist rice flour to make bhakka- this is what makes bhakka soft and fluffy

steamed rice flour cake

Too many bhakka to eat- delicious with freshly made tomato chili achaar

Here is video by Pradip Gurung of steaming bhakka.




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  1. Sita Katuwal's Gravatar Sita Katuwal
    October 4, 2017    

    I wannna know more about bhakka

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