100 Years Old Newari Sweets Shops in Patan

Tucked away in a narrow alley in culturally and architecturally rich Patan area, these 100 years old Newari sweets shop ‘Shree Ghanashyam Mithai Bhandar’ and ‘Shree Nanda Mithai Bhandar’ are largely known to locals and regulars. Owned by two brothers, it is now the fourth generation who are running these sweets shops. These places look very modest and seem like it hasn’t changed much since the beginning of the shop a century ago. These shops are located just a few houses apart from each other in the alley named Momarugalli behind the Krishna Mandir (Patan Durbar Square), Managalbazaar.

They sell various types of Newari sweets such as Lakhamari, Aaitha, Fini etc.‘Shree Ghanashyam Mithai Bhandar’  is popular for its delicious creamy soft Barfi– probably the best in the town. You can see the people making sweets in front of your eyes. Next time when you are in Patan, do not forget to visit this places and get some delicious Newari sweets.

Shree Ghanashyam Mithai Bhandar

Contact no.: 01-5522576                    Map here

Newari sweets shop

Shree Ghanashyam Mithai Bhandar, Momarugalli-Mangalbazaar

alley to sweets shop

An alley ‘Momarugalli’ leading to the shop from Patan Durbar Square

selling Newari sweets

Shop owner selling Newari sweets

aitha sweets

Bigger size Aitha


Lakhamari- a traditional Newari sweets with cultural and religious importance

barfi sweets

Barfi- most popular sweets of the shop

aaitha sweets

Smaller size Aaitha

fini roti

Fini ready to be rolled and deep-fried


Other colorful sweets at the shop

Shree Nanda Mithai Bhandar

Patan sweets shop

Shree Nanda Mithai Bhandar, Momarugalli-Mangabazaar

sweets at Nanda Mithai

Varieties of sweets at Shree Nanda Mithai Bhandar

jeri puri

Jeri-swari-haluwa for breakfast



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