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Where and What to Eat in Bhairahawa?

peda at pawan misthan bhandar
If you ask anyone about the best food to eat in Bhairahawa, Peda from Pawan Misthan Bhandar is the one highly recommended. The city being closer to India and communities across the border have strong cultural and trade ties, the food is largely influenced by what we call Indian food. Pawan Misthan Bhandar is the popular restaurant that serves [...]

Best Places for Momo in Pokhara

momo crossroads
Nepali, especially young people, can’t get enough of momo, and are always looking out for best place to have momo even when traveling to new places. Here are three best places to have momo in Pokhara based on the recommendations and from our own hunt. Mount Kailash Tibetan Restaurant, Tibetan camp- Chhorepatan Located at Tibetan camp entrance [...]

Best Nepali Fish Dishes in Pokhara- D...

small fried fish
I had always been searching a good place for fish dishes cooked with Nepali spices and traditions until I found this ‘DunaTapari Restaurant’ in Pame, Pokhara (map here). I never had such good fish dishes in Nepal before. Pame, which is located at the head of Fewa Lake, is popular with fish and duck dishes since ages. The restaurant was establ [...]

Eat in Boudha II- Tibetan and Sherpa ...

There is another reason to visit Boudha beside Sherpa and Tibetan foods. Boudha Stupa destroyed during 2015 earthquake has been fully restored now, and it looks better than ever. In the earlier article, Eat in Boudha- Tibetan and Sherpa Cuisine, I have listed some of the Sherpa and Tibetan foods and places to eat that you shouldn’t miss [...]

Places to Eat Yomari in Kathmandu

Yomari is typical Newari festival delicacy eaten during the one-day Yomari Punhi festival. Generally people only make yomari in the home during that specific day. Unlike other Newari delicacies, it is also hard to find in restaurants and eateries.  There are only handful of restaurants in Kathmandu Valley selling yomari almost all year round. [...]

10 Best Nepali Foods You Have to Try ...

Kathmandu is more than just getaway to Himalayas and city full of temples. It also has surprisingly rich and unique food culture representing the diverse ethnicity and culture of Nepal. Originally inhabited by Newari people, Kathmandu offers a rich food culture of Newari communities, as well as foods from various regions and ethnic communitie [...]

Sherpa Foods: Where to Eat in Kathman...

Sherpas are renowned worldwide for their mountaineering skills, but their food culture is little known to the world and even in Nepal. Sherpa, an ethnic indigenous communities living in mountainous Himalayan regions of Nepal, is believed to be migrated from Tibetan region crossing the Himalayan pass. Sherpa in Tibetan language means ‘Eastern [...]

COOK like a LOCAL: Learn Nepali Cooki...

Nepali cooking course
If you would like to learn how to cook typical Nepali foods, a Kathmandu based company promoting responsible tourism ‘socialtours’ offers a half-day of cooking course- ‘COOK like a LOCAL’. The cooking course starts with visit to a nearby local market to buy fresh vegetables and ingredients. What a better way to learn about Nepali cuisines th [...]

Two Restaurants in Capital for Rai an...

yangben faksa
Hey, if you are wondering where to find Rai and Limbu ethnic cuisine to eat and craving for it, there are two restaurants in the capital serving varieties of delicious ethnic dishes. These ethnic foods are very peculiar- very different from what we eat everyday. Kinema curry (made from fermented soybeans), Sargemba (blood sausages with Yangbe [...]

Where to buy Yangben and Kinema in Ka...

store to buy yangben and kinema
Kinema (fermented soybeans) and Yangben (wild edible lichen) peculiar ethnic food ingredients of Rai and Limbu communities from which varieties of ethnic dishes are prepared. As these are not widely consumed and their culinary usage are largely limited to Rai and Limbu communities, they aren’t easily found in the market. Many people hav [...]
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