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100 Years Old Newari Sweets Shops in ...

Tucked away in a narrow alley in culturally and architecturally rich Patan area, these 100 years old Newari sweets shop ‘Shree Ghanashyam Mithai Bhandar’ and ‘Shree Nanda Mithai Bhandar’ are largely known to locals and regulars. Owned by two brothers, it is now the fourth generation who are running these sweets shops. These places [...]

Places to Eat Yomari in Kathmandu

Yomari is typical Newari festival delicacy eaten during the one-day Yomari Punhi festival. Generally people only make yomari in the home during that specific day. Unlike other Newari delicacies, it is also hard to find in restaurants and eateries.  There are only handful of restaurants in Kathmandu Valley selling yomari almost all year round. [...]

Hans ko Choila- A Traditional Newari ...

newari set with duck meat choila
Choila is a traditional authentic food and center to the Newari food culture. It is a must have dish in almost any Newari festivals and celebrations, and also offered to gods. It is barbecued meat (generally of buffalo’s meat) and spiced up with various spices, garlic chives and roasted mustard oil. While there is a tradition of eating buff c [...]

10 Best Nepali Foods You Have to Try ...

Kathmandu is more than just getaway to Himalayas and city full of temples. It also has surprisingly rich and unique food culture representing the diverse ethnicity and culture of Nepal. Originally inhabited by Newari people, Kathmandu offers a rich food culture of Newari communities, as well as foods from various regions and ethnic communitie [...]

Simple Green Soybean Salad (Waun Musy...

green soybeans salad
Green soybeans or Edamame salad (waun musya wala) Green soybeans (edamame) are very delicious and healthy to eat. These seasonal green soybeans are rich in proteins- provide each of the essential amino acid required from the diet, high in dietary fibers, fats, minerals including iron and calcium. Each cup of raw edamame or green soybeans prov [...]

4 Soups Recipe for this Monsoon

Here are the recipes of warm soups for this cold rainy days: Aalu Tama Aalu bodi tama ko jhol Get a recipe here  Khasi ra Kwaati ko Jhol Khasi ra Kwaati ko jhol (mutton and mixed beans and lentils soup) Get a recipe here Gundruk ko Jhol Gundruk ko jhol (soup) Get a recipe here Gahat ko Jhol Gahat lentil soup Get a recipe here Related Recipes [...]

Gundruk ko Jhol (Gundruk Soup)

gundruk jhol
Gundruk is probably the most popular and loved food in Nepal. It is very authentic to Nepal and enjoyed by all ethnic communities in Nepal from terai, hills to mountains. It is  dried fermented leafy vegetables, made generally from mustard green leaves (rayo ko saag), radish leaves (mula ko saag), cauliflower leaves (cauli ko paat).  In Nepal [...]

Yomari Recipe

Yomari- “Ya” means “to like” and “Mari” means “Delicacy or bread” Ingredients 400 gm Rice flour 50 gm Wheat flour 200 gm Chaku (Molasses) ½ cup Roasted Sesame seeds (ground) ½ cup Roasted Cashew nut or peanuts (ground) ½ cup Coconut (grated) Vegetable oil Method For fillings: Break the Chaku (mo [...]

Khasi ra Kwaati ko Jhol (Mutton and M...

mutton kwaati soup
Earlier I have posted information on Kwaati and a simple recipe to make Kwaati (vegetarian version). Here is my recipe of non-vegetarian version of Kwaati with goat meat or mutton (Khasi ra Kwaati ko Jhol). Ingredients 250 gm Kwaati mix 300 gm Mutton (with bones) 1 large thin sliced Onion 3-4 Cloves (whole) 3-4 Green cardamoms 3-4 Bay leaves [...]

Aalu Bodi Tama (Potato Black-eyed bea...

This is sour, hot and spicy soup made from potato, fermented bamboo shoots and black-eyed beans. It is one of the popular Newari dishes, and enjoyed all year round in Newar communities. Aalu bodi tama ko jhol Ingredients 3 medium size potatoes 1 cup of fermented bamboo shoots 1 cup of black-eyed beans (bodi) 2 medium size tomatoes 2 green chi [...]
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